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Local Meat

Local lamb, fresh meat and more in Hamilton

We stock a range of fresh meat at prices affordable for any family. Call us on 01698 285 526 (Burnbank) or 01698 427 877 (Low Waters) or visit one of our stores to find out more.

Lamb from MacDuff

Our lamb comes from MacDuff one of the best lamb farmers in the whole country. Committed to rearing lambs the natural way, and a genuine care for lamb welfare at every stage from farm to our stores. All our lamb is naturally grass fed and free to roam ensuring you can enjoy the best quality lamb in Hamilton. Depending on the season we offer two different breeds of Lamb.

Blackface lamb
Blackface lamb is naturally reared, symbolising the purity and goodness of the land and has a reputation for its unrivalled sweet flavour and tenderness. Available from September onwards, it is without doubt 'naturally good'.

Texel lamb 
Texel lamb has a reputation of being one of the best breeds of lamb available in the UK, and it thrives in our local lush green fields. Texel lambs live on a completely natural diet without any grain. We believe this results in the best quality lamb you can buy in Hamilton.

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Gartmorn farm
Free range Scottish poultry farms are hard to come by in Scotland today but we can happily say we source all our whole chickens from Gartmorn farm in Aloa. Gartmorn is something of a pioneer in free range poultry farming having honed the perfect technique over a period of years. As a result all our whole chickens are not only genuinely free range but they are also naturally fed and slow grown. Most store bought chickens live for just weeks before finding its way onto supermarket shelves. Our chickens are slow grown breeds meaning they live for 3 times as long. This slow maturing process doubled with a completely natural diet and free range practice makes a MASSIVE impact on the flavour of the meat which is deeper, more akin to how chicken used to taste. You simply can't do better than to buy chicken from G. Buchanan & Sons.

Get organised for Christmas 

Now is the time to get your order in for Christmas. Be it our range of locally sourced, slow aged, naturally fed turkeys, a joint of tender fillet steak from our grass fed beef or our famous steak pie made with succulent shoulder steak and a rich tasty gravy that's impossible to beat. Contact either store today to get yours reserved. You can also rely on us for local pork.

As the Christmas period approaches people's minds turn to the famous bird. Such an important family meal deserves the best turkey you can buy. That is why we listened to the advice of celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson who recommend to only buy Black or Bronze turkey. We've therefore taken the guess work out of buying the right turkey which is why ALL our whole turkeys are either Black or Bronze. These birds are allowed to mature extra slowly ensuring the most spectacular flavour on the big day. As with all our other produce they are raised on a wholly natural diet and particularly enjoy foraging for nettles. Before finding its way onto your plate our turkeys are dry aged much like our beef to further enhance the flavour.
We are confident you won't find a better turkey anywhere so make sure you get yours ordered before the 17th!
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For a range of fresh local meat including local lamb and local pork, visit G Buchanan & Sons stores in Burnbank Shopping Centre or Low Waters Road in Hamilton
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